Corporate Water Management and Specialized Equipment Rentals

  • Analysis of current and future uses of surface, fresh and saline groundwater resources
  • Water Cost Analysis on a cost per volume (ex. $/m³)
  • Assessment of the sustainability and risks associated with each water source
  • Economic Analysis of Current / Alternative Water Sources
  • Specialized Hydrogeological Equipment Rentals - Digital Flowmeters and Transducers

Play Based Water Management

Ex.) Duvernay or Montney Water Management

  • Assessment of groundwater, surface water, flow-back and wastewater recycling options
  • Detailed Review of the Shallow Bedrock Hydrogeology within your Project Area
  • Identify neighboring groundwater users/licenses within the study area
  • Identify water treatment options for wastewater usage and/or disposal
  • Provide environmental risk and cost analysis associated with each water source