What We Do

Connate Water Solutions provides a wide range of services in areas of water supply licensing, regulatory compliance and sustainable energy development. Our experience in geology, hydrogeology and geochemistry provides a diverse knowledge base to meet the needs of your water-related or sustainable energy project.

Core Services

Corporate Water Management

  • Play Based Water Management and Cost Analysis (Price per m³ basis)
  • Description of the Regional Bedrock, Surficial Geology and Hydrostratigraphy
  • Aquifer Deliverability and Long Term Yield (Water Supply / Geothermal)
  • Potentiometric surface maps showing water table elevations and hydraulic head contouring
  • Economic Analysis of Current / Alternative Water Supply
  • Custom Water Strategy and Stakeholder Communication

Water Supply Evaluation, Licensing & Regulatory Compliance

  • Aquifer Mapping and Prospect Generation
  • Detailed Water Supply Well Logging
  • Groundwater Well Design & Installation
  • Aquifer Testing & Analysis using AQTESOLV
  • Reporting and Submission of Term and Temporary Diversion Licenses (TDLs)
  • Saline Aquifer Mapping, Characterization and Testing
  • Term Licensing (Water Act and EPEA)

Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring

  • Short or Long Term Monitoring of Water Quality
  • GWUDI Assessment and Hydrogeochemical Analysis
  • Isotopic Fingerprinting
  • Water Use Reporting System Submissions
  • Spill Response Sampling



Renewable Energy Feasibility And Economic Study

  • Economic Evaluation of Available Geothermal or Renewable Energy Resource
  • Technical Analysis (ex. Temperature Profile Review)
  • Cost Savings and Payout Analysis
  • Review of potential Government Incentives (Provincial or Federal)