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Connate Water Solutions Inc is a Leading Edge Hydrogeology Consulting Company – We at Connate Water have the Solutions!

Specializing in Groundwater Licensing, Corporate Water Management and Prospect Generation

Connate Water Solutions is a specialized Hydrogeology Consulting Company. “Connate Water” is defined as water trapped in the pores of sedimentary rock during deposition. Our passion is groundwater and providing sustainable water management solutions for operators in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Providing Professional Frac Water Management and Groundwater Licensing in Western Canada

Our team of professional hydrogeologists (P.Geo.) are here to guide you through licensing of non-saline and saline groundwater in Western Canada!


Water Supply Evaluation, Licensing & Regulatory Compliance

Connate Water’s services include water supply well design, well logging, aquifer testing, detailed aquifer analysis with professional technical reporting to ensure efficient regulatory approval.

Groundwater & Surface Water Monitoring

Connate Water’s services include our customizable groundwater or surface water monitoring packages, monitoring well network installation, GWUDI assessments or isotope sampling.

Corporate Water Management

Connate Water provides management of monthly corporate water usage reporting, annual water use reports,  water strategy and alternative water sourcing.

Renewable Energy Feasibility and Economic Study

Connate Water provides detailed recommendations on the technical and economic feasibility of your renewable energy project.

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